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Eclectic World Street Cart Food.

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World Street Kitchen Minneapolis MSP MinnesotaEats ©
Located on a lively stretch of Lyndale amidst the bustle of new apartments and restaurants in the LynLake district. Itself located on the retail level of a new apartment building lies the brick and mortar version of the notable WSK food truck run by the brothers Wadi - Sameh and Saed. They also find time to run the well thought of Saffron restaurant in the Warehouse district.

They have continued down the fast food path of Chipotle (which copied the aluminum wrapped burrito from San Francisco's Mission district taquerias) & the fast food asian bowl chow Noodles & Co. Taking inspiration from a wide range of foods from the world's street food carts / trucks they have melded combinations of spices and foods together to create items line a Red Curry Bangkok Burrito and a Moroccan Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich. This is fast food re-imagined at a high level and served at prices just a bit higher than a typical fast food joint.

There was a line almost out the door on a Saturday before 6, but it traveled at a steady pace, and before long we were selecting drinks from the cooler, ordering from the menu board, paying and getting a number flag for our place along a chrome counter.

The place was just about filled. Table turn was quick, so the people that followed us in line (that didn't seem to go down) also found places to sit. A wide range of ages. A friendly owner hustling around making chat cleaning tables delivering food and pointing out where to grab naps and forks ("so you know where to get them when you come back tomorrow!").

The open kitchen was a beehive of hustle and activity. The counter offered front row seats of what seemed like about a dozen cooks and such working the orders. Wasn't long before we were tucking into some very good flavorful food. The four of us were happy with the Yum Yum bowls, burritos and the whole experience. We never felt rushed to leave - we lingered talked and digested before pushing off for the Jungle Theater down the street.

Excellent hand- crafted food. Friendly staff. Quick service. Cheap eats prices. A winning combination. Money and time well spent.

Counter Ordering - Delivered to Table  Sit-down or Takeaway Street food
Sleek Modern Industrial Minimalist Atmosphere

Yum Yum Bowls  Bangkok Burritos  Moroccan Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich
Salted Caramel Soft Serve

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