Convention Grill | Edina

Address/Map > 3912 Sunnyside Rd, Edina, MN (952) 920-6881
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Award winning 1934 vintage soda fountain diner in Edina - west of Minneapolis. Wonderful burgers, skin-on fries and very thick huge malts served with the silver container it was mixed in. Just watch the waitress skillfully shake and fold that malt into your glass. Get your burger with onions grilled. None of those fancy upscale gourmet burgers fries or shakes here. This is a real old fashioned place - think it is stuck in a time warp - 60's? 50's? 40's? 30's? Very friendly and professional service. What does the name mean? What does it all mean. Is the secret to the our existence to be found in comfort food like this? Maybe. I don't know. If it is, the answer won't cost very much.

Burgers the way you wish you could do at home but are never able to - no matter how good the meat you buy. Their grill looks like it is original...must be seasoned just right by now. Oh yes, they have phosphates too. Often see multi-generation families at the tables and booths introducing their babies ...grandkids... great-grandkids to this great tradition.

Convention Grill • Edina Mn (Minneapolis)
Convention Grill • Edina Mn (Minneapolis)