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Address/Phone/Map > Christo's 2632 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN
$$ Greek Mediterranean
Sandwiches Gluten-free Vegan & Vegetarian Options
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Lunch Dinner M-Su

Christo's is a well regarded colorful Greek Taverna. A large windowed white walled bright space with an open kitchen and plenty of greenery. We pretended for a moment that we are at a seaside bistro on a Greek island with our sail boat outside bobbing in the Aegean. After enjoying that fantasy and having been transported back to Eat Street Minneapolis we get to the matters at hand - ordering and digging into some fresh delicious lunch entrees. The Falafel - Fried croquettes of ground, herbed garbanzos with fries and the Vegetarian Mousaka - Eggplant, mushrooms, onions, peppers and tomatoes sautéed in olive oil with herbs, then baked under a béchamel topping were both great. This is a MIA staff and visitor favorite and sure enough Roxanne saw a docent she knew. Danny had the best Arnie Palmer ever - they really appreciate lemons here.

Christo's • Minneapolis • Eat Street
Christo's • Minneapolis • Eat Street
Christo's Greek Restaurant
Eat Street
2632 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis Mn
(612) 871-2111

Christo's • Minneapolis • Eat Street