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Upscale cafe with dead critters on the wall. We've been waiting for a chance to check out the new edition of the Blackbird. Finally reopened at this new location after the fire a year or so ago that destroyed it and Heidi's. We arrived for a Wednesday lunch at 1:30. No wait. It's a nice bright space with large windows, high ceilings, dark woods, copper bar and earthy tones. There are plenty of antlers mounted on the walls. It's a quirky place, but in a nice way. There was a diverse smattering of people there - young hipsters, office workers, a group of older aunties and us who I would like to think of as aged & mellowed hipsters. The Hostess was dour and unsmiling. Didn't acknowledge us, didn't say a word just led us to a booth - tossed the menus down, abruptly turned and left, leaving us staring at her receding back. We thought we were headed for a bad service train wreck, but our quiet reserved waiter, although not warm & friendly did his job well and saved us from going off the rails. He made sure the water and Danny's excellent Arnie Palmer got refilled and that we had everything else we needed. Our Udon noodles (tofu - $12 and chicken - $14) were excellent, had just the right amount of spicy hotness, but on the small side. The herbal tea was served in an attractive unique manner - see picture below. Blackbird is pricey - our 2 lunch entrees, an orange juice, Arnie Palmer and a herbal tea - tax and 20% tip came to over $43. The food was fresh, tasty, well prepared and expertly presented. The only drawbacks are the hostess and the high prices. Big ceilings Big windows Big open space Antlers & Deer motif. Earth tones. There is a blackbird - see if you can find her.

Blackbird Cafe Minneapolis Mn
Blackbird Cafe Minneapolis Mn
Blackbird Cafe Minneapolis Mn
Blackbird Cafe
3800 Nicollet
Minneapolis Mn
(612) 823-4790

Blackbird Cafe Minneapolis Mn