Anchor Fish & Chips | Minneapolis | Northeast

Address/Map > 302 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN (612) 676-1300
Menu & Hours:

Great fish and chips. Comforting vibe. Dark woods. Old time ceiling and bar. Friendly folks. Busy and smallish. In short a good place for food drink and hanging out.

Highlights: Fish & Chips come with a sprinkling of rough cut sea salt. The Cod has an excellent batter and is fried perfectly. The chips are addictive and maybe the best in the cities. Tap beer pints including Harp, Guinness & Black & Tans. Veggie pastie is outstanding. Curry sauce mighty comforting with the chips. The Full Whack for weekend breakfast (eggs, rashers, bangers, black & white pudding, potato bread, grilled tomatos & mushrooms, Heinz beans) is an adventure.

Anchor Fish & Chips • Minneapolis • Northeast
Anchor Fish & Chips • Minneapolis • Northeast

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