Al's Breakfast | Minneapolis | Dinkytown

Address/Phone/Map > Al's Breakfast 413 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN (612) 331-9991
Photos No pajama's dress code

Menu: Old but prices not much higher
Hours: Mon-Sat 6a-1p Sun 9a-1p

"A dump striving to be a dive"

An all time favorite. World famous Minneapolis low-rent 14 stool diner icon. Gold standard breakfast in converted Dinkytown tool shed. The one ... the only. Narrow and small. The chits for the regulars' tabs are below the coffee cups. Greasy-spoon. Lots of personality behind the counter. Classic breakfast menu. Many believe the best breakfast place in the Twin Cities. Known for blueberry walnut and buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, corned beef hash, bacon waffles, as well as for omelets by the "season". Will probably spend time in line watching people eat and learning short-order cook lingo. Try to come at a quiet time Ha! It can be a bit quicker by yourself. But to stand in line for a half hour or more you really have to have the time and the joneses for Al's. Bring someone to talk to or your Kindle or just meditate on the sounds smells and greatness that is Al's.

Al's Breakfast • Minneapolis • Dinkytown
Al's Breakfast • Minneapolis • Dinkytown

Al's Breakfast • Minneapolis • Dinkytown