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Excellent moderately priced food and attentive service in a large attractively decorated Sushi bar and multi-room Japanese / Korean restaurant hidden away in Eden Prairie.

In an area of Eden Prairie we had never been to was this surprising find. We were headed to the mall for a week day matinee to see Lincoln and stopped here on the way for lunch. Off by its lonely self and hard (for us) to find, we were wondering if this was going to be a mistake. Once inside it was surprising how large it is with an assortment of rooms including a good sized Sushi bar, private Tatami rooms and a large Teppanyaki (table top cooking) area.  It became obvious, as the place filled up, that this is very popular at lunch with the workers in the surrounding office parks.

Not knowing what we were dealing with, we kept it simple and just had Oyako Donburi (bowl of  a  chicken & fresh veggies omelete over rice with soup or salad) and Chicken Sukiyaki (served in an iron skillet with rice and house soup or salad on the side) The house soup (Korean?) is not miso - more of a forgettable bland broth with mushrooms. But the entrees were very pleasing. The Sukiyaki was really really good - the chicken so tender and succulent and a wide assortment of goodies like onions, cabbage, mushrooms, tofu, etc with the amazing broth had Danny sighing, smacking lips, closing eyes and looking towards heaven. Roxanne extolled the virtues of the simple chicken omelet Donburi, refrained from looking up with eyes closed, but did do some smacking. Of course we shared and we came to agreement that the extensive Japanese, Korean, Sashimi and Sushi menus needed further exploring over an extended amount of time. And the service being as pleasant, attentive and professional as it was,  has convinced us that this place will be worthy of our future eating out dollars. Highlights: Donburi; Sukiyaki; Bento boxes; Sashimi; Kimchee Chigae. So far...
Kabuki Restaurant • Eden Prairie
Kabuki Japanese Restaurant
6534 Flying Cloud Dr

Eden Prairie Mn
Phone: 952.941.5115

Kabuki Restaurant • Eden Prairie