Pad Thai Grand Cafe | St. Paul | Grand Ave.

Address/Map :-@ 1681 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN (651) 690-1393
Menu & Hours:

This family run restaurant is a good choice for Thai food in St. Paul. Bright, colorful Thai decor, fabulous murals and pleasant ambience. We first came here when the Wellstones were customers - glad they are still providing good Thai food on Grand Ave. Fresh and comforting traditional Thai dishes with salty, sweet, sour & spicy flavors at reasonable prices. Highlights: Pad Thai! Drunken Noodles; Pra Ram Rong Song; Tom Yum; Grilled Curry Chicken; Pad Ped Pla Walleye; Pad Talay Kratiem Prig Tai; Panang Curry

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