Naniboujou Lodge & Restaurant • Grand Marais

Address-Phone-Map-Directions :-@ 20 Naniboujou Trail, Superior National Forest, Grand Marais, MN (218) 387-2688
Credit: Naniboujou Lodge
Menu-Hours :-> naniboujounorthshore

15 miles above Grand Marais
Across From Judge C.R. Magney State Park

Credit: Naniboujou Lodge
Unique historic & colorful northwoods lodge and restaurant. Beautiful setting along the shore of Lake Superior. The lodge decor is amazing. The dining room, with its 20 foot high inverted canoe shaped ceiling, Cree Indian inspired colorfully painted woodwork and fixtures is a jaw dropper - we bought a coffee mug with the same design and use it every morning! The fireplace could be the largest in Minnesota. This a must stop when up north around Grand Marais. The walleye and catch of the day at dinner were so good, we had to come back the next night. We look forward to coming back and staying at the lodge and having breakfast lunch and dinner...

Highlights • Breakfast
Naniboujou Omelet • wild rice, mushrooms, Black Forest ham, onions, and Swiss cheese
Northwoods Breakfast • eggs, homemade breakfast potatoes blueberry wild rice sausage
Brule Breakfast Sandwich • fried egg, apple-wood smoked bacon, brie cheese English Muffins
Orange Pecan Waffle • 3 mini-Belgian waffles pecans homemade orange rum syrup
Flapjacks • 3 homemade blueberry or raspberry buttermilk pancakes maple syrup butter

Highlights Dinner:
Smoked Trout with Horseradish Sauce
Walleye Meuniere
Balsamic Glazed New York Strip
Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Sauce
Baby Back Pork Ribs
The Fisherman’s Catch

State Beer Song

"...From the Land of Sky Blue Waters. From the land of pines' lofty balsams, Comes the beer refreshing, Hamm's the beer refreshing. Brewed where nature works her wonders, Aged for many moons, gently mellowed, Hamm's the beer refreshing, Hamm's the beer refreshing. From across the rippling water, Through the whisp'ring pines and birches, Comes the beer refreshing, Hamm's the beer refreshing. Comes a call to cool enchantment, Comes a call to cool refreshment, Hamm's the beer refreshing, Hamm's the beer refreshing. Hints of lakes and sunset breezes, Dance and sparkle in each glassful, Hamm's the beer refreshing, Hamm's the beer refreshing..." Dylan probably wished he'd written this while flying high on Hamms.

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