The Marsh Restaurant & Cafe | Minnetonka

Address/Phone/Map > 15000 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN (952)-930-8560
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Within the Marsh Wellness Center but open to the public with a separate entrance. There is a counter service cafe and also a separate table service restaurant. Both overlook a very large beautiful marsh. Endeavors to use local organic seasonal foods to make from scratch meals.  We find the food, service and atmosphere above average and the prices reasonable. Highlights: Wide ranging breakfast menu with healthy choices like steel cut oatmeal with fresh cream, brown sugar, raisins and walnuts; greek granola; smoked salmon omelet; blueberry multigrain pancakes; scrambled eggs with potatoes and breakfast burritos. Lunch: Bison or grass fed beef burgers; wraps; salads; soups; Dinners from salmon and rainbow trout to chicken, pork and beef and vegetarian choices. Daily Specials. Fresh Catch Friday Night. Pastas Thursday night. Prime Rib Saturday night. Happy hours Mon-Sat. Live music Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Counter & Table Service  Credit cards Parking Lot  Beer Wine

The Marsh Restaurant & Cafe • Minnetonka
The Marsh Restaurant & Cafe • Minnetonka

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