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Overall we had a good experience at Ketsana Thai in Plymouth - tasty food, good service and cheap eats prices. It's tucked away in a strip mall out on Hwy 55 - almost to Medina. We enjoyed the Thai tea, curries, sauces, very fresh vegetables and fish. The only downside - the chicken was overcooked and dried out. Didn't have any pork or beef, but imagine they would be treated the same as our chicken was. So, we would suggest sticking with seafood, tofu and vegetable dishes. There's a wide variety of choices and we were happy to see they have red, green and yellow curries. Also there's Pho soup available and a lunch buffet. They do have a 2 for 1 entree coupon, but the prices are already so low, we didn't feel right using it.

Ketsana's Thai
16605 County Road 24
Plymouth Mn
(763) 559-0695