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Address/Phone/Map > Rustica Bakery 3224 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN
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Calhoun Village / Next to Punch

Bon Appetite says it's one of top ten bakeries in America. Most everyone here with a fascination with top notch bakery goods agrees. They supply bread to many of the discerning restaurants in the area. Moved from their nice neighborhood spot to this strip mall but the goods are the same. Big bare bones open space. Some of the staff has a tendency to take themselves to seriously and neglect the niceties of friendly service. On the other hand, the wares can help you forget. This is right off one of Danny's bike routes (Midtown Greenway trail), so offers a great excuse to take a well deserved break to replenish all those burned calories. Highlights: Baguette. Excellent Coffee. Hot Chocolate. Daily Breads. Croissants. Pastries. Cakes. Scones. Lemon tart. Ginger cookies.

Rustica Bakery
3224 W Lake St
Minneapolis Mn
(612) 822-1119

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