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Address/Map :-@ Tum Rup Thai 1221 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN
$$ Thai
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Happy Hours Takeout Late Nights
Pick 2 Lunch specials M-F 11-4
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Hours: M-Sa 11-11 Su 12-10
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We had heard good things about Tum Rup and weren't disappointed. Danny took his bike in to the big city for his inaugural spring run (only patches of snow on April 6) to meet up with Roxanne for a late lunch.Still a number of people at 2pm. Delighted to see they had something they call The Pick 2 Lunch. In our eyes it is a real deal: $8.95 for either App & Entree or Soup & Entree plus a nice Green tea. Danny had the Tum Yum tofu soup & Pad Pak Tofu Ruamad; Roxanne went for the Fresh Spring Roll and Pad Prig Bai Tofu Horapa. It all was delicious spicy and fresh. Have a choice of 1-5 spice levels - 3 was chosen but hardly noticeable. However the soup had to be a 5 - the cook must have slipped or misread the ticket. Danny survived and actually got used to it after about 5 minutes - really cleared the sinuses, brought tears to his eyes and made the nose run non-stop. Service was friendly and ok, but did have to ask for napkins and utensils! They have the best fortune cookie we've ever had (had an almond/vanilla flavor plus the fortunes were scrolls inserted through the open ends - different! Generous portions and the price was right-$23 for 2 entress soup app tea tax and tip. 

Tum Rup Thai • Minneapolis • Uptown
Tum Rup Thai • Minneapolis • Uptown
Tum Rup Thai
1221 W Lake St
Minneapolis Mn
(612) 824-1378

Tum Rup Thai • Minneapolis • Uptown