Na's Thai Cafe | Chanhassen

Address/Phone/Map > 566 W 78th St, Chanhassen, MN (952) 949-1125
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Pleasant cafe in Chanhassen is one of the top Thai restaurant in the Twin Cities. So many options at NA's. Will have a hard time choosing what to eat at this excellent friendly overlooked family run place. There are 3 generations involved. It's lacking in ambience but makes up for it with tasty zesty good food. Curry is very good - especially the Fish Curry. Prices are reasonable. Food high quality. If you're going to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater - we would skip having dinner there, just get tickets and have your meal at Na's instead.

Update: 6/22/2013: Continues to be a very good go to place for Thai. We keep ordering and enjoying the excellent and spicy hot Green Thai Curry. That and the Pad Thai & Pad Pak Tofu entrees have been winners.

Nas Thai Cafe • Chanhassen

Across from Chanhassen Dinner Theaters

Nas Thai Cafe • Chanhassen